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is built to bring the best out of individuals, teams and organisations. From Digital Technology and Behavioural NeuroScience to Gamification, Data Analytics and Organisational Development, eXlygenze makes a meaningful impact to unlock the potential of individuals thus magnifying growth for large Organisations & Schools.

eXlygenze SenseWorks PLC is committed to provide bespoke solutions based on cutting-edge technologies that enables organizations to determine their blind spots at developmental level and streamline their business operations through cultivating the desired behaviour from their people-force.

Our 21st century exclusive platforms are evolved to help you custom calibrate AI-powered digital products and consulting solutions most effective for you. Based entirely on your preference of scale, scope intensity, budgets, timelines and configuration, we design and implement customised solutions of the highest standards that align with the need of  the organisation such as productivity, efficiency, performance, cost reduction, team effectiveness, leadership, learning, sales, inclusion, happiness, values, and culture .

We are a Company with 3 focused divisions. Each division focusses on a unique target group. These are:

We also work in the area of creating Proprietary Assets (IP’s). Abundance, Happiness & Appreciative Inquiry are the cornerstones of our corporate philosophy.

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The path to an organization’s and school’s prosperity and success is through strategic and operational management of its human capital (leaders, employees, students, teachers etc) and our solutions cater to each of the pain points any organization or school have, through a defined diagnostic process thus bringing interventions at every stage. Our suite of unique and integrated solutions understands an organization’s or school’s needs and assist them in identifying opportunities thereby enabling transformation and improving efficiency.

Every corporate organization strives to excel and prosper through the potential of its human capital and bring effective solutions to channelize that potential into shaping its future. eXlygenze for corporates creates life 3.0 products that provide new age solutions based on Whole Systems Thinking, Neuroscience, and Gamification and are a combination of ODI (Online Digital Intervention), OIPI (Offline In Person Intervention), and MS (Managed Services). Real-time qualitative analysis based on Big Data facilitates a sustainable practice of driving desired behaviours while aligning individuals and teams with the organization’s core business objectives in order to enhance performance and prosperity. It enables organizations to:

  • Enhance performance & productivity
  • Augment application of learning in real work scenarios & drive business results
  • Assess real-time lead indicators for behaviour shift
  • Identify opportunities for process efficiencies, cost reduction & Innovation
  • Personalise learning for individual employees & create a social learning ecosystem
  • Strengthen collaboration through peer-validated feedback
  • Diagnose informal social network
  • Understand employees’ happiness quotient
  • Stabilize a harmonious culture

Students are the world’s most valuable resource and our best hope for the future. The way we interact with them and teach them becomes their inner voice. eXlygenze for Education products are a differentiator that will positively reinforce the school’s brand values and give rise to holistically developed children for a brighter tomorrow. Our products are based on cutting-edge neuroscience principles and uses a combination of in-person and digital platforms – delivered through a gamified ecosystem, which aim to enhance social and life skills through its modules and learning systems. We enable Schools to create and cultivate:

  • Positive and encouraging environment
  • Holistic development and emotional well being
  • Social and life skills
  • Engagement through activities and storytelling for increased performance
  • Build credibility and gain an upper edge
  • Upskilling of Educators through technology

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